Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Staying Busy

I know, I know, it's been almost a week and I haven't written an update. My social media skills are slacking, but I have an excuse. I've been working, bike riding, museum seeing, congressmen meeting and just enjoying DC. 

Thursday evening I had the opportunity to go to Capitol Hill and watch a documentary produced by Christ in Youth (CIY) called Love Costs Everything. There are many reasons why this experience was so exciting:

1. It was my first time on Capitol Hill ever. As Patrick and I were walking up and steps I mentioned that I hadn't been to DC since I was 3 so I didn't remember much. He suddenly stopped, had me look around and take in the experiential moment. He was right, there is something powerful about standing in the midst of the Hill.

2. CIY is an organization that I am somewhat familiar with and to see them working with the government to create more awareness about religious persecution, specifically Christian persecution, was really awesome.

3. I had my first encounter with congressmen and their awkward lackeys. They were nice and friendly, but no doubt awkward.

4.  The documentary itself was very well done and insightful. Of course it was emotionally charged and of course I had tears trickling down my face, but I held it in. If there is a viewing near you, I definitely recommend you go and see it.

The weekend following was very restful, but of course I had to go explore DC. I've made a list of museums that I want to visit and the first one I went to was The Holocaust Memorial. I don't know why I chose to make my week/weekend full of sad, religious persecution and human rights awareness filled, but it's certainly appropriate considering where I'm working. 

This week I'm going on the Hill to a hearing and have a lunch meeting with a lady that works at World Vision and does communications. Talk about up my alley. I'm excited and am thankful for the experiences that God has already given me in just a week. He always has a bigger plan than I could dream.

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