About Me

Hi, I’m Jānah

I’m an amateur blogger ministering to the younger generation/my peers to live a life above reproach, a life so “that no such criticism can be made." 

I attended a Christian high school and now attend Asbury University. While I love them both dearly and would not trade my experiences at either of them for the world, I’m often disgusted at the lives I see lived by current students and especially alumni. After being in “the bubble” of the Christian school environment, and being released from its captivity, these free birds like to “experience the real world.”

As a senior, I’m not quite out of the bubble yet, but I try to live my life for Christ and share those experiences here.

Check out my first post HERE to read more.

Fun Facts:

I’m kinda obsessed with my truck. Her name is Ruby.

I have more gray hair than the average 40 year old.

Yes, the line above the first “a” in my name is important