Monday, November 26, 2012

Dear Blogosphere

Dear Blogosphere,

I have missed you and I apologize for my lack of communication. It's been awhile since October 9th and as you could imagine, a lot as happened.

I know I make a promise to you about three times a year that I will be a faithful blogger and about three times a year, I fail. It's not the new year yet, but I'm going to get a head start on my resolution and resolve to blog more. Considering my blogging record, it's ambitious. I know.

Here's a few updates:

Soon after my road trip to North Carolina, I headed south to Florida over Fall Break. I went to visit the University of Florida for graduate school. I got incredibly sick, lost my voice for the first time ever and to my great disappointment, didn't get to meet Tim Tebow. I did get to go to a football game, hang out with some great friends, and enjoyed my time with them. They might not agree considering I coughed and whispered at them the whole time.

And in case you were wondering, no I did not cheer for Florida nor South Carolina at the football game. What kind of Kentucky fan would I be?

Remember my friend Abe Parker? He made it to the Eddie's Attic Shootout and when I was invited to road trip to Atlanta to see him play, of course I accepted the offer. Seeing him surprised and happy to see us was worth the drive. The competition was tough. He did amazing and played well, but sadly didn't win. Here is a video of his last performance of the night.

Last update: When I was in Honduras in July, I blogged about a girl named Genesis that needed glasses. I wrote to Mrs. Patterson to get an update and she gave me great news. Genesis got glasses!

An American mission team came to Honduras to do an eye clinic and was able to give Genesis glasses. They are not exactly what she needs, but will work until she is able to get ones that are. The church had some money left over in the missions budget from our trip in July and is able to purchase her new glasses. God is good.

Grace and Peace,