Monday, January 16, 2012

Tim, will you marry me?

I'm not one to have celebrity crushes, but recently, this man has captured my heart.


Please, name one female, Christian, football fan that does not find this man attractive. He loves God, he's saving himself for marriage and he's single. We'd be a perfect match. My birthday is coming up soon and I would not be disappointed if my only present was to go on a date with Tim Tebow. Please, someone make this happen! 


  1. There need to be more guys like Tim Tebow. Guys who will openly stand up and defend the faith; guys who aren't afraid to go against the ways of the world. Guys need to be more of what God created them to be rather than what the world wants of them.

    I applaud Tebow for being so blatant with his faith, and I applaud you, Janah, for promoting him. :)

    I pray all is going well for you! Have a great semester Janah!

  2. Thanks Kelly! I totally agree. There certainly needs to be more men in the world like him. Hope you're doing well!