Friday, January 13, 2012

One of my favorite classes this semester is French Canadian Lit. I know, it sounds awful, but the conversations we have in that class make it entertaining. For example, today my professor explained that he had a band-aid on his hand, because his cat bit him, Judas the cat. I found the name very fitting and hilarious.

Sometimes we talk about what God is doing and how he is working in our lives. Today, the best part was getting to talk about my internship in France this summer. I'm working for GO InterNational by being an ambassador of sorts. I'm partnering with several different ministries in the Paris area and seeing how GO can help.

I cannot wait to go here:


I am so excited about this incredible opportunity that God has provided for me. I'll write more later about how he has perfectly orchestrated this internship. I could not have put together a more perfect opportunity. Prayers and support would be greatly appreciated. I will continue to blog while I'm there to keep you updated.

God is good

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