Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Project 1: Gallery Wall

Last summer I got on what I like to call the "Pinterest project kick." I was overwhelmed with all of the amazing DIY projects on Pinterest and wanted to do every single one of them. My roommate came to visit me and we decided to start some. We finished one, but the other two were never finished, due to my negligence.

Since I'm home for one more week, I decided I'm going to spruce up my room by hanging a gallery wall above my bed. After I graduated high school, my mom made me a map collage of different places that I have been/places I want to go, with Kentucky in the center and a compass rose by Lexington. I love it dearly and want to incorporate it within my wall gallery.

I asked my mom where to get some frames. Little did I know that our office closet was full of them. I chose some that I want to use and have begun picking out pictures to put in them. I found the absolute best paint color and am super excited about it. Have you seen the Pier One Christmas commercial? There is a lady shopping and as she begins to walk by the cocktail glasses they begin giggling and saying "party!" so she buys them? That's how I felt at Walmart while picking out paint.

My goal is to finish it by Friday. I'll let you know how it goes.

Before picture:

After picture to follow

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