Thursday, March 8, 2012

What do you support?

This semester I have been blessed to be in a personal finance class. I have learned so much about how to handle, not just money, but resources that God has provided me. This guy knows what he's talking about:


 He's shown me how to handle my money wisely so that I won't be like the guy from the Lending Tree commercial. Hidden in the American dream is the need for excess. America consumes unbelievable amounts of resources and wastes almost half of it. I have become burdened with the idea of consumerism.

We watched the documentary Dive! created by a guy who dumpster dives for his food. I was repulsed by this idea at first, but I challenge you to watch it and then not consider going dumpster diving yourself. As a college student, this is very appealing.


Yesterday, we had the opportunity to Skype Jermey Seifret, the creator of the film. He made the point, that as Christians, we should be aware and concerned about where our food, clothing, etc. is coming from. What we buy, shows what we support. If we buy clothing that was made in a sweatshop, we're supporting slavery. If we buy from a company that supports Planned Parenthood, we're supporting abortion.

Maybe this doesn't convict you, but it certainly did me, so what did I do? I googled. Here are some resources that can help you become more aware of what you're eating, where it's coming from and what brand and companies support that you're buying from. Ignorance is not bliss. Christ calls us to live differently than the ways of the world. Why not start here?

Better World Shopper: This site grades companies and brands based on how they support human rights, their environmental impact, animal protection, community involvement and social justice. There is even an app!

Blessed Earth: I'm not a hippie in any way, shape or form, but this organization provides practical ways to be a wise consumer with a Godly focus

Life Decisions International: I was shocked when I read the list of companies that support Planned Parenthood. It's nearly impossible not to buy from one of these stores or companies, but this site provides a list of them.