Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Union Station

I've come to realize that the DC lifestyle is very different compared to the Kentucky lifestyle. I know that may sound like a dumb statement, because DC and Kentucky are so different in and of themselves, but I didn't realize this until I started to live it.

I have really loved riding the bus, metro and walking to the office. Normally I have a 25 minute drive from Wilmore to Lexington. My commute is much longer here, like over an hour longer, but I love it. Getting up at 6 isn't my favorite, but I'm learning to function at such an awful hour. 

Julie has to be at work earlier than I do, so I get up to ride to the bus stop and then the metro station with her. My metro stop is at Union Station. This is the go to place to shop in DC. It not only serves as a metro stop, but a bus station and has stores galore.

Once I'm off the train, I walk, okay I basically jog to Starbucks, because no one walks at a normal pace here. I get a tall cup of Pike Place and stroll/jog around the station. I mostly walk around Barnes and Noble, because I love looking at books. I made my first purchase yesterday of a GRE study book ... gross. 

Today I ventured out during lunch to check out Union Station a little bit more, since I had more time than I do in the mornings. Of course I went to Barnes and Noble and bought this magazine so I could at least be knowledgeable enough to know what is going on around town even if I'm not really a Washingtonian. I can pretend to be one, right?

I also found a great chocolatier, which will be the death of my waist line and my wallet, but it was SO good. 

I'll definitely be back there before I head home.

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