Thursday, June 14, 2012

My Friends are Cooler Than Yours

I realize with a title like that I sound like a dramatic middle school girl and I know what they are like, because I once was one.

It's true though. Most of my friends are doing amazing things this summer and most are blogging about it too. 

Abby and Daniel are working at Yellowstone National Park. I'm not exactly sure what all they do other than hike and see lots of bears, but they look like they're having a blast while doing it. Check out Abby's blog It's the Experience.

My lovely roommate Cassie is interning with CURE in Kenya for almost 2 months this summer. She has such a big heart for serving and helping others. The pictures of the cute kids she helps heal make it worth checking out her blog Won't Turn Back. If you leave a comment, tell her I miss her.


My future apartmentmate Jane is traveling to London to work at the summer Olympics. She's been blogging for awhile and although she doesn't update much, I know she'll be blogging about her adventures in London. She's super sweet and one of the most encouraging people I know. Check out Jane Loves Words

Max is road tripping out westward with some hometown friends. I'm not sure the purpose in it other than just having a good time, but he's a photographer for the Air Force so his pictures are always great @TheRechCenter 

I also have friends that have gone or are going to Peru, Ecuador, Northern Ireland, Uganda, Guatemala and I don't even know where else.They are all serving in some capacity and I've enjoyed praying for them and seeing what experiences and opportunities God has given them. Lots of them are working at the Olympics and I am jealous, but I can't complain too much. I'm still loving it here in D.C.

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