Tuesday, June 12, 2012

A Girls' Night at the Outdoor FIlm Festival in the City

Yesterday was back in the office and like any Monday, I was tired and not excited about waking up at 6 A.M. I am not a morning person. My mother and roommate can attest to that. Those of you who are, you have a special gift and I envy you.

Although I was tired, I was looking forward to the evening, because Katie had invited me to go to a movie in the park with her that evening. I cleared things from my not so busy DC social life schedule and agreed to go.

Katie and I met on Saturday when we went to Eastern Market with our mutual friends Lyman and Chad. We hit it off as soon as we began browsing through the market, talking about our internships and love of all things communications oriented and social media. We may have even discussed renting an apartment together in DC after we both graduate in May.

I met Katie and her fellow intern, Allie in Chrystal City for an outdoor screening of the Wedding Singer. I know it's hard to believe, but none of us had ever seen the movie, but we all loved it. Chrystal City is hosting an outdoor film festival every Monday night at sunset in the summer, so we decided to make it a weekly outing.

The venue is a little patch of grass with 3 walls of tall office buildings, which gives it a cozy feeling. The warm breeze, the feeling of the blanket on the grass and the good company made it a great night. I'm already excited for Sweet Home Alabama next week.

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