Monday, June 25, 2012


That's right, less than a week left in DC and I'm sick.

I know I don't need tissues, but they're there for dramatic effect

About 2 weeks ago I started to get nauseous everyday around 11. At first I thought it might be because my lunch schedule was different and I was just hungry. I started snacking at work all day rather than sitting down and eating a lunch. Accompanied with the teasing from my fellow intern about always "grazing," it didn't seem to help.

I tried to tough it out, until my lower back started to hurt and it became painful to lay on my back. Finally, after being unable to sleep, because of the nausea and back pain, I decided I should probably see a doctor.

I sent a text to my mom saying, "Don't freak out, but I think I may have a kidney infection." Of course, she was immediately concerned and told me to see a doctor ASAP. Being the good daughter that I am, I obeyed.

After talking with a doctor and a test, she confirmed that I have a kidney infection. Thankfully she didn't see hospitalization as necessary, but told me to rest today, of course drink lots of fluids and return to work tomorrow.

It was frustrating for me to go back to the Weckerlein's with only a week left of my internship. Thankfully USCIRF was very understanding and encouraged that I rest today, as well. Because I'm going to Honduras next week, I figured it wise to rest up, because being sick in a foreign country is definitely no fun. Been there, done that and yes, I do have a t shirt.

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