Sunday, June 10, 2012

Haunted Firehouse, Girl Scouts, Ghost Stories and Poptarts

Thursday evening I was looking for something to get into for the weekend when Julie asked if I'd want to join her at a friend's book signing. When she told me it was about ghost hunting and the signing was in at a haunted fire house that had been turned into a bookstore/gallery shop, I was in.

Outside Firehouse Shop and Gallery

The shop is in Berryville, VA so it was a bit of a drive to get there. As we stepped out of the mini-van, we could hear some music playing that welcomed us into the shop full of artwork ranging from kindergarten crafts to professional masterpieces.

The book is called The Girls' Guide to Ghost Hunting by Stacey Graham. It's full of ghost stories and fun things to do at sleepovers. Her writing style is great and I've really enjoyed reading her blog that is written by a compilation of writers called An Army of Ermas. Check it out HERE.

Afterwards we went around the corner to a nearby park that had swings, slides and a band playing under a white gazebo. I instantly thought of Gilmore Girls and the town of Stars Hollow. Super cute and Mayberryesque.

During the week, a friend of mine and I planned to hang out at Eastern Market and check out the street vendors. It is such a neat and eclectic place. There was fruit, vegetables, jewelry, soap, sculptures, paintings and any kind of food you could've wanted

We went out for lunch afterwards to Ted's Bulletin. The waiter, with a full head of gray himself, asked me how old I was when I started turning gray. I sighed and muffled, "Thirteen." He cocked his head back and laughed saying, "I was 25!" Yeah, I'm not even that old yet.

Ted's is famous for their homemade poptarts, so of course we had to get some. If you ever go, I totally recommend the Brown Sugar and Cinnamon.

Strawberry, Blueberry and Brown Sugar & Cinnamon...mmmm

Checking out the Menu's Headlines

 I should also mention my encounter with 234,984 Girl Scouts. There was an event going on at the National Mall called "Girl Scouts Rock the Mall." They were EVERYWHERE! I had to park half a mile away from the metro and then felt uncool, because I didn't have a green vest with patches, pins and badges falling off of it. I was never good at the scouting thing anyways. 

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