Wednesday, July 25, 2012


I moved around a lot while growing up. Made lots of friends, lost lots of friends, but some friendships just stuck. One of those friends that has continued to remain close is my friend Sydney.

I remember meeting her while we were both "volunteering" in the church preschool class. We were something like 7 and 8, circa 1999.  We were playing with the little kids and I asked her why she was hiding in the kitchen playset cabinet. I don't remember her response and she might even have a different story, but that is my first memory of Sydney.

My first time at the beach (2007)

Since then we've danced in the Nutcracker together, went on many family vacations, camping, school dances, helped one another get ready for prom and shared many embarassing moments together. My favorite: when we went hiking in the Red River Gorge with our dads. I'll spare her the embarassment. I don't remember a Sunday at church without her. She is a friend who has always been there.

I threw her a baby shower and was there when her sweet little Emma was born. I have so much love for this little girl. She has a great momma.

Not only am I honored to have been her friend for 13 or so years, but she has asked me to be her Maid of Honor when she and her hubby-to-be get hitched. With great power come great responsibility and I'm excited.

She, her mother and I went wedding dress shopping on Monday and were very successful, not only in dress selection. I had the opportunity to introduce them to bubble tea.

A tough contender, but it didn't make the cut

They didn't like the pearls, but still enjoyed it
My family has always been really bad at taking pictures. I do have more of the two of us when we were younger, but she would kill me if I posted them.

I love this girl. We've been through many happy times and many rough times together. it's just one of those friendships that no matter what happens, will never end.

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