Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Honduras: Day 2

I'm sorry to keep you anxiously waiting for my next post. The internet was out Sunday and the power was out most of the day today (developing country problems), so I have not had a chance to blog until now, but don't worry. I'm back.

Yesterday was full of adventures and cute kids. We all went to Pastor Melvin's church to help out with Sunday school. Kevin taught the youth group, Brent the adults and Charlotte, Chloe and I taught the 6 and under Sunday school class. Well, Charlotte taught, because she's the only one that speaks Spanish. Chloe and I just played with the kids. They were very well behaved and so much fun.

This is Joseph who was in our class:

I'm convinced he'd be famous in Kentucky. Three reason:

1. He's sprouting a unibrow. Can you say Anthony Davis?
2. Look at that cute face with the sweet smile. 
3. He's a sharp dresser. What a stud.

After church we all went out to lunch at a great restaurant. We were served a traditional Honduran meal, the name of which I was never told, but it was delicious. I love tea and got to try hibiscus tea. It was amazing.

My yummy meal of chicken, fried plantains, cheese, refried beans, rice, tortilla and salad

Most of the group at lunch
Later that afternoon we went to a church plant in a nearby town. The church is called "Nuvea Esperanza" (New Hope). It's a pavilion with a desk, seats and benches underneath.

And of course the girls and I sneaked off to play with the kids and Joseph was there. His mom comes and teaches the kids every Sunday. I had no idea what she said the whole time, but her smile and kind heart broke the language barrier. She has a great ministry and I pray that it'll flourish and continue. Juan gave her a break and taught the kids.

On our way to the church, we got stuck in mud. It was pretty bad. Joshua was convinced we were going to die. He was only joking, but he was quite dramatic.

Joshua kept making this face saying, "We're going to die!"

After many attempts, we finally made it out. The entire church was watching us at one point. We had to call for back up as well to pull us out. It was a great team bonding moment and Hunter was totally in his element trying to create a mechanism to wedge us out.

Today, we went to a school and did a VBS program for a daycare that is held in Melvin's church for children of single moms. Posts and pictures to come tomorrow.

God is good.  

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  1. Yep, that's Hunter! He can always come up with a contraption for something. Looks like you all are having a productive time.