Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Warm Welcomes

Today was a long day of driving though rain, mountains and worst of all ... West Virginia. I don't know what it is about West Virginia, but it's a scary place. I decided to drive straight through it rather than taking the interstate. It was beautiful, but I drove past places like "Possom Hollar Farm". Now you see why I tried not to stop?

I finally made it to the wonderful Weckerlein home. I was greeted by the sweet smiling faces of the Weckerlein girls who welcomed me home like a long lost friend. Miss C showed me her one and only onion that she is growing and so proud of as well as plucked  a baby pear off the backyard pear tree for me. She is very bright and thoughtful. She offered to wake me up with a whistle tomorrow morning. I thanked her, but said I have an alarm clock so it wouldn't be necessary. Baby Jaz is super cute and has a smile that will melt a girl's heart.

Lola is a girl after my own heart. She is the epitome of me 18 years ago. She is into everything, always on an adventure and a dare devil. She called me her best friend and asked to say goodnight to me before she went to bed. We're definitely going to be good friends.

I officially start my internship tomorrow and I couldn't be more excited. I'm nervous, but God has certainly given me a sense of peace through prayer and staying with such a hospitable family. Check out the Weckerlein blog HERE

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  1. I used to drive through West Virginia regularly when I would have conferences in Richmond Virginia. It was not a fun drive at all.