Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Bubble Tea

There are many things to admire about summer, like laying out by the pool, going to the beach, watching baseball, warm starry nights etc, but by far one of my favorite things about summer is that it's bubble tea season.

I discovered bubble tea a few years ago when a local Vietnamese restaurant set up shop in Nicholasville and the owner began attending the church I go to. He invited my family to his restaurant after church one Sunday and served us all bubble tea. Sadly, the restaurant has closed, but if you've never had bubble tea, you have to try it. I found this niffty little diagram to explain what it is:


I know, the combination sounds weird, but mango is my favorite. My favorite coffee shop in Lexington, Coffee Times Coffee House, has bubble tea in the summer and Saturday I had my first savory sip since last summer in Nashville. I may or may not have been back since Saturday. I hope I can find a place in DC that has bubble tea.

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