Thursday, April 11, 2013

Staying Organized

I like to think of myself as organized. Some might say that I'm pretty type A when it comes to organization. I just wish everyone could understand the value in organization just as I do. While it seems confusing at first, it certainly makes life much much easier.

Here are my favorite apps that help me stay organized so that I'm on top of school work, work work, and finances.

I'm often told I have a great memory. What people don't realize is that I write everything down and when I say everything, I mean EVERYTHING. This is the beauty of Evernote.

Evernote is both an app and a computer program (for both Mac and PC users). You can create different notebooks to write notes, insert pictures, website links, and more. I track finances, my exercise routines, church, and work notes. It's beautiful and organized!

Another favorite app of mine is You can link your bank accounts to this app so all your purchases are tracked and categorized. You can see how much money you're spending on different items every month and keep a budget.

Before I started using, I was terrible at keeping a monthly budget. I do great with colors and numbers that help me categorize. Needless to say, it has helped me tremendously.

This app won't be helpful to you unless you're in school, but Grades 2 is great for keeping track of the grades in all of your classes.

You can enter in each assignment, the percentage of each assignment, and it calculates your grades for you! My favorite feature is that I can put in my target grade and it will tell me what I need to get on each assignment in order to reach that target. Brilliant right?

Now that I'm having to do my own grocery shopping, I've learned the value and strategy of making a shopping list. ShopShop is a simple, yet very helpful app that allows you to create different shopping lists so you can categorize your items and move them around within the list. Once the item is in the cart, you check it off your list and it disappears. I love it.

My roommate might not agree that I'm organized when it come to my chest of drawers, jewelry, or desk, but my iPhone is and that's what's important, right?

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