Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Best 4th of July Weekend

This weekend was great. It started out with my wonderful roommate, Cassie, coming down to visit me and ended with the most fireworks I've ever seen in my life. Epic.

Cassie came it and we got to hang out with our friends Anna and Jane. After contemplating what to do for several minutes, we decided to get crafty. After a Walmart run and much internet surfing, we decided to make flower pins

We started off with church and made our way to Culver's for lunch. Then we obeyed the commandment and rested for a few hours and then wasted sometime on Stumble Upon and were inspired again. That evening, we went to a park with friends and watched fireworks. It was beautiful.

Yeah, I'm excited about this one. I'll let you know how it goes.                          

We went to Wilmore and watched the parade with friends.

Sadly, my camera died right before the parade, but it was great. The best part was the lawnmower brigade, which is a bunch of middle aged men wearing shorts, white button downs, ties and caps, walking down the street to music and doing formations led by a whistle. Hilarious.
That evening I hung out with family and friends. We cooked out and set off more fireworks then I thought possible. It was a blast (literally).

After this weekend, I am a little too excited for school to start back. C'mon August!


  1. I hear ya!! I've never been more ready for school to start in my life!!

  2. I WANNA GO BACK!!! thanks for having me on such short notice :)

    ps. you have Sunday twice