Friday, May 27, 2011


Less than a month ago tornadoes ripped through Tuscaloosa, AL. A friend of mine from school, who just graduated, is from Tuscaloosa. Sadly, his house was damaged and homes of family members and friends were destroyed. The weekend following, my class, the sophomore Awakened class, decided to do a fund raiser for both Japan and Alabama through Fro-Jo's Frozen Yogurt and Coffee in Lexington, KY. We raised over $300 to buy supplies for the people of Alabama and sent it to them through a local radio station.

I heard that a group of students were going to help out in Tuscaloosa the following week and I knew that I just had to go.  

This is the few, the proud, the people who had no plans for the first week of summer, who decided to go and help out.

Although Asbury is a small college, I did not know many of these people, but we had a great time. The men put their muscles and chainsaws to work and took care of the trees in yards (actually they completely cut apart the tree in the above picture) and helped with outdoor clean up. But they were showed up. How legit is this?

Yes, that does say, "Texas Baptist Men, Chainsaw Unit." Biggest chainsaws I've ever seen!

Being the only girls on the trip, Jenelle and I helped out at a church sorting donations. We met some awesome people and experienced true southern hospitality and stellar sweet tea.
Although these pictures don't do it justice, the devastation was great and indescribable. Please continue to pray for the people of Alabama, but also those in Missouri and everywhere tornadoes have hit.

Roll Tide!

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